"Tour de plaine" in English

jeudi 25 février 2016
par  scollignon
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Le tour de plaine était aussi l’occasion pour les élèves de pratiquer l’anglais technique. Voici leur texte :

Writing and studying different cultivations

Last friday, instead of working in the class, we took the mini-buses and we went to see
different fields. We saw and watched three different pieces of land, one in Velleron
and two in Pernes.

1) The first piece of land in Velleron :

On this piece of land, hard wheat is cultivated. Wheat is cultivated and used for pasta.

This hard wheat lacks manganese, we can see that because the leaves become yellow.

There are microscopic worms which live in the soil and penetrate the plant through water and mineral elements.

They prevent the plant from photosyntesis, they limit the crop growth on the field, we can recognize them by the little lumps on on the roots. The rotation of crops and soil work are a good way to avoid this problem.

2) The second piece of land in Pernes :

Soft wheat is cultivated. Soft wheat is generally used for bread. It is very green for the season, it is usually more yellow because it can’t take up nitrogen.

On this crop, there is no need to spray nitrogen. But a fongicide is necessary, because there are rust one the leaves.

There are many poppies and speedwell for the season. This crop needs an herbicide :
Yeti can be sprayed

3) The third piece of land in pernes ( La Blancharde) :

Rapeseed is cultivated .
It is too high for the season . There is no need to spray nitrogen but sulphur will be needed in the end of the winter.